Green & Resilient Communities

Residents of Halifax are demanding more action to green the municipality and respond to the global climate emergency.

Halifax Regional Municipality has a reputation for being a sustainability leader thanks to its successes in waste management and programs like Solar City. It is essential that we continue to prioritize climate change and environmental stewardship to ensure the municipality remains a leader, while also protecting our communities from the effects of climate change in the years to come.

HalifACT 2050 - Acting on Climate Together
HalifACT 2050 – Acting on Climate Together

Regional Council approved the HalifACT 2050: Acting on Climate Together climate action plan in June 2020, and now Council and residents have to dig deep to find the resources and funding to do our part. The Canadian Centre for Police Alternatives gave the plan a glowing review in their article “A Climate Plan That Actually Meets the Crisis: Halifax Leads the Way. As a community, we must embrace our commitment to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 by improving building efficiency and electrifying transit among other measures.

I will announce detailed commitments for the next four years during the campaign.

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