Vote Waye Mason on October 6-17 | Upcoming Events

It is hard to believe that voting begins in just one week.   I’m grateful for the support I’ve received from residents during this campaign. I know we share values and priorities for HRM and District 7.

I have promised to help guide decisions that will empower all residents to be economically secure and hopeful, build a green municipality actively working to address the climate emergency, and connect residents by transforming how people move around HRM.

I’ve shared my report card on my 2016 promises, showing that when I say I’ll do something I’ll work hard and get it done.

I’ve shown for two terms that I see what needs to be done, I get to work, and residents know they can count on me when they need me.

In just the last four years…

I fought the province over the poorly conceived plan to build a parking garage that would ruin Wanderers Ground and Bengal Junior Lancers and got them to change their plans.

I’ve convinced Council to review how we police and provide public safety, to support Black, and Indigenous and racialized communities through rebalancing service delivery with alternatives to policing and look to develop complementary civilian services, like mental health crisis response teams.

I worked hard with the community and got Young Avenue protected through land-use bylaw changes and then fought again and stopped a rezoning that threatened those protections.  I  also fought for and we ultimately succeeded in protecting Schmidtville (Halifax’s second Heritage Conservation District), the Old South Suburb, the third Heritage Conservation District, the Grafton Park (Memorial Library site), 1029 Tower Road, and enhanced heritage protections throughout Downtown and all of HRM.

I convinced Council to vote to ask the Province to give the municipality affordable housing back, to change the way it heard taxi license appeals in order to keep vulnerable users safe, and protected our neighbourhoods by getting the first part of the long-awaited and much needed Centre Plan passed.

In August 2012 I said “the time to plan for development, and to defend those plans, is now” and I have worked relentlessly for eight years and delivered on this promise.

These are just some of the examples work I’ve done, and next term I’ll keep doing what I’ve done these eight years – post my calendar on my website and social media, send out a print newsletter twice a year, posting e-newsletters especially when you need them. Over the last term I sent out 105 enewsletters, 37 of them cornonavirus related, 15 on hurricane Dorian, and I posted 47 blog posts about important district issues.

Residents know that if a crisis happens and you call I will hop on my bike or jump in a cab and I will be there right away to see how I can help. 

Thank you for your support and vote from October 6-17 so I can continue to do this work on your behalf.

Upcoming Events

Due to the hurricane and having to take down and set up signs last week events and meet ups were delayed, so a lot of events happening now and more will be announced next week!

Thur Oct 1 – Meet your Candidate
Chamber of Commerce Event Zoom 2:30-4pm
Register here to hear from the Chamber and ask questions to all the District 7 candidates.

Thur Oct 1 – Facebook live 4:30pm

Thur Oct 1 – Chat With Waye 5:30pm-6:30pm
Raymond Taavel Park | 1004 Barrington St, Halifax, NS B3H 1J4
Please come by to chat. I ask you wear a mask and maintain a minimum 2m distance from myself and other residents. Rain day Friday Oct 2, 7pm.

Fri Oct 2 – SMUSA District 7 All-Candidates Debate 4-7pm
Link here:

Fri Oct 2 – Facebook live noon

Sat Oct 3 – Chat With Waye – 1pm 
Ecole LeMarchant – St. Thomas Elementary School | 6141 Watt St, Halifax, NS B3H
Meet in front by the garden boxes. Please come by to chat. I ask you wear a mask and maintain a minimum 2m distance from myself and other residents. Rain day Sunday Oct 4 1pm.

Sun Oct 4 – Chat With Waye 3pm
Point Pleasant Park – Upper Parking Lot
Please come by to chat. I ask you wear a mask and maintain a minimum 2m distance from myself and other residents. Rain day Oct 5, 3pm

Also follow me on Instagram for daily IG Live events for the next two weeks starting Thursday Oct 1

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